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What Makes a Great Shirt?

This is a great question to ask when looking at your company’s brand name and the services that you provide.  Most businesses nowadays are really not sure as to what makes a great shirt.  For most business owners it’s as simple as a shirt and tie.  Other business owners allow their employees to dress casually …

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QR Codes Pot of Gold?

Wooden QR Coasters – Only the Start We’re sure you’ve heard of QR Code. They’re just like UPC codes only they use a different protocol: they are square and are typically read with a Smart Phone QR Code reader the user has downloaded. They are user-friendly because QRs are becoming more and more ubiquitous: the …

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Professional Embroidered Shirts

Why Should Your Business Use Embroidered Shirts for Looking Professional? Embroidery has long been used in shirts to make them appear more professional and to add extra detail. Businesses have long decided to use them for staff uniform. If your company currently doesn’t use them, you’re missing out. Here are a few of the reasons why …

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