QR Codes Pot of Gold?

We’re sure you’ve heard of QR Code. They’re just like UPC codes only they use a different protocol: they are square and are typically read with a Smart Phone QR Code reader the user has downloaded. They are user-friendly because QRs are becoming more and more ubiquitous: the majority of Smart Phone users will have a reader and be familiar with what they do.

Which leads to the question: what can QR Codes do for your company?

Most people we talk to think of a QR Code as a static element – it gets created and you make a new one when you want to send a new message. Well, with today’s technology, static QR Codes have been relegated to the Stone Age, and ECE can either work your codes or direct you to where you can do it DIY style. The miracle of the morphing QR is that it can be added to a promotional product, say a coaster for instance (pictured at right), and then updated with relevant content.

Some suggestions of the way to use the feature are:

  • Advertise upcoming events linking to ticket purchase page;
  • Give information about short or long term promotions, sales or discounts;
  • Fundraiser/donor/sponsor information for organziations;
  • Generate client goodwill by creating daily or weekly inspirational messages, perhaps with a link to a relevant web page;
  • Direct potential clients to new product offerings or clearance items;
  • The possibilities are endless, and will vary according to your business model.

QR Code Utilization

The wooden coaster is a great example of a continuous QR Code promotion. The code could start with a brief introduction to the company. Then, transform into a notice that CODE: GET20 (for example) will get you 20% off one full-priced item for one week, with a link to the company product selection. The user who reads your code is by definition in possession of a few free moments: having the potential to offer that customer an incentive, is, well, priceless.

Further changes can entice a loyal following of QR readers anticipating reasons to give their business to your company. All this for one low price: the initial cost of the QR embellished product. Think about it: isn’t your marketing department used to spending a few dollars on each campaign? What about campaigns that reach 30% or more of all product recipients for only the cost of changing the code.

We can help you design the complete image to be added, update your QRs for you and help you select the appropriate product. This is just one more way ECE helps you use your promotional product dollars to increase ROI without incurring further expense.

In Action

You can see below ECE’s QR Code. Offer a suggestion and watch how your idea replaces the existing content and how your single permanent promotional QR can migrate from one important message to another.



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