Laser Etching

wood etching flyer 1 (1)The laser-etch process uses a laser beam to engrave or burn a mark into a garment’s fabric. The process varies by fabric, but the end result is a very precise, clean mark. Laser etching on polyester and synthetics, such as pile fleece, polyester knits and micro suede, burns the top layer of the fabric, resulting in a darker, tonal mark on the garment. The tone of the mark varies according to the fabric color. Medium-colored fabrics achieve a more distinguishable design than on darker or lighter fabrics. On natural fabrics such as denim, the laser etch process removes the pigment as it burns the fabric.

laser etching flyer 1





Laser Etching is an eco friendly process that will etch your logo or marketing design into the garment without the use of ink or thread, The effect you get from laser etching is a tonal shade on the item.

The etching creates a permanent image that will not fade, crack or peel over time, giving a decoration that is unique, classy & sophisticated.

With the laser etch process it allows us to decorate in unusual locations like over seams cuffs, collars, plackets, sleeves and many other areas.

Polar Fleece, soft shells polyester T’s, and polo’s are perfect for etching. Mid range colors and dark colors work best vs light color items.

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